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  1. LED Aquarium Lights, Lighting; How they work, DIY
  2. An excellent in depth article, the best article to start with if seeking a LED for your aquarium. A MUST READ!

  3. LED Aquarium Light Review; AquaRay, EcoTech, AI Vega & Hydra; More
  4. A good follow up article after reading the “LED Aquarium Lights, Lighting; How they work” article

  5. TMC AquaRay NUV 410nm LED Review
  6. A unique “niche” LED light with both reef-keeping and reptile keeping applications

  7. What to Consider When Choosing Your Aquarium LED Lights
  8. Probably the next follow up article to read after “LED Aquarium Lights, Lighting; How they work”

  9. Aquarium LED Light Installation Options, Ventilation; Bio Cube & Red Sea Retrofit
  10. TMC GroBeam 1000, & New 600/1500 Ultima Review
  11. T2 Subminiature Aquarium Lights; Review, Planted, Reef, Fish
  13. An excellent quick reference some common abbreviations thrown about in the Aquarium and pond keeping hobby/industry. Some are ones used by me the author, some are popular among aquarium professionals I speak with, and few are ones used by hobbyists other than myself or friends.

  14. AQUARIUM LIGHTING BASICS; Parameters, Lights Technology
  15. An excellent introduction to aquarium lighting with great references

  16. UV STERILIZATION; UVC Irradiation for Pond, Aquarium
  17. A brief but well resources article about UV Sterilizer use and why they should be used

  18. TMC Ocean Blue NP Ultima Reef LED Light
  19. TMC AquaBeam 2000 HD Ultima NP Review
  20. New TMC AquaBeam 600 Ultima Aquarium LED Light
  22. A brief introduction to aquarium Redox balance, with up to date cited resources

  23. Aquarium Hydroponic Conversion- SHO Light: Lighting Requirements of a Tomato Plant
  25. TMC AquaRay NUV 410nm LED Review
  27. Photosynthesis and PAR; Planted & Reef Aquarium

Aquarium Articles Digest; LED Lighting, UV Sterilization, Redox, more

7 responses to “Aquarium Article Digest Home

  1. I noticed that you have recently updated information on the Aquabar 500 saying that it had been taken off the aquarium LED market. Since I purchased two of these for my aquarium I am concerned as to why.

    • Yes.
      Unfortunately as per my contact in the industry, TMC sold this product to an unnamed third party who then as part of the deal requested sales of this product be ceased to all others.

  2. My tank has been a nightmare since day one. Im possitive not a single person on earth had as many problems as I have expeirenced. After spending over 60k, I still can not get this marine (fish only) tank working properly. However the issue Im begging for your help with is new LED lighting. Can you please recommend the best option for a tank 8ft, by 36×36. I have a canopy and was thinking strip lights, but i have no idea. After reading your article I prefer to take a recommendation from someone obviously more knowledgeable as Im tired of throwing money out. Please help!

    • I do not normally answer questions on this article website.
      Since this is a fish only aquarium, you do not need as much lighting, as few as [8] AquaRay Reef White Strips would work
      Or for more light, [6-8] AquaBeam Ocean Blue np 1500 LEDs would work.
      These are modular and can easily be added to as well.


      For further help, I would suggest this forum that a friend & aquarium keeping guru is present on:

    • Thanks! Im extrmely grateful for your response however, I didnt want to become an expert or consumed with reading articles. Especially since the technology is forever evolving. I was hoping with your experience there was a brnad or two you would recommend. Like if it was your tank, what would you use.

  3. I enjoyed this very valuable article thank you

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