Aquarium, Pond, Related Resources

Recommended resources for aquariums, ponds, fish, glass, home, and other hobbies

*Aquarium Links Directory
– Aquarium links is one of the fastest growing aquarium and tropical fish directories on the Web

*Aquarium/Pond Answers
; “In our research, we also use aquaculture, horticulture, medical, and university research papers to compile many of our articles, not relying on only aquarium hobby articles that are often anecdotal in assumptions”

*Fish Link Central


3 responses to “Aquarium, Pond, Related Resources

  1. George Copeland

    I would like to know how many of the AquaBeam 2000 I would need for a reef corner tank? It is 24 high and 36 inch deep. Or what other options I have for this tank. Thanks for any help

  2. I am missing a dimension (width x height x length in inches divided by 231 = gallons. Then x .8)
    As a guestimate, I would say 3 Reef White.2000

    Since this is a resources page, I would seek further customer service with a retailer of this product:

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